Wirral, Merseyside
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Thinking about getting a sling or carrier for your new arrival but don't know where to start? Already have one but not sure if you are getting the best from it?

I am a Babywearing Consultant, and have helped hundreds of families on the Wirral to find the right sling or carrier for their newborn, baby, toddler or pre-schooler.

I can help you find a sling that you love, and to carry your baby confidently, comfortably and safely !

Where are you on your parenting journey?

Whether you are an expectant parent, have a newborn baby, or are running around after a toddler. a sling can be for you! Click below for more details about how I can help you to find a sling, wrap or carrier that you love.

I’m expecting!

Not matter what stage of pregnancy you are at, get expert helping in finding a sling to start you on your carrying journey.

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I have a newborn!

Congratulations! And welcome to one of the most tiring and yet rewarding things you will ever do. Find out how a sling can help.

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My baby is growing up!

Slings are not just for newborns. Your older baby, toddler or even pre-schooler can still be carried comfortably and safely.

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