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Beyond the Newborn – Carrying your older baby, toddler or pre-schooler

Find a sling you love

Carrying your child is not just for your newborn. Many families continue using a sling, wrap or carrier their older baby, toddler or pre-schooler. They are a great option once you little one is walking but still gets tired, for when they need comforting, or when when taking the buggy with you just cramps your plans

What types of slings will work best for me?

A wide range of options may suit your family. Woven wraps and ring slings can be used from newborn up to toddlerhood and beyond. Meh Dais and Soft Structured carriers are available in toddler sizes, enabling the carrying journey to continue comfortably for both of you.

My baby is getting to big or heavy for their sling!

Most slings can be used beyond the newborn stage. It may be that a change of position to a hip carry or a back carry will be more comfortable for both you and your child, giving your more time to use something you already own. Or, it may be time to try something different! Find out how I can help you.

A one -to-one Consultation

A one-to-one consultation can take place in either your home, or in my consultation space.

You get my exclusive time. We look together at the benefits of carrying and older child, safety and positioning, and the different types of slings available. You can then try the different slings that appeal to you, with a demonstration doll if required, and your own child. If you already have a sling we can work with this. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions. The session goes at yours and you child’s pace, and your needs come first.

By the end of the session you will be confident that you will be able to carry your child comfortably and safely. You may wish to buy a sling from me there and then. You can also order later online, or buy elsewhere, there is no pressure, and there is always a cheeky discount for my clients! . If you or your child has any medical issues or anything else which may impact on your carrying journey I can also tailor our meeting to meet these needs.

A full consultation is £35, and it lasts up to 90 minutes.

If you just need a quick update, such as one adult learning to back carry, I can also offer shorter Fixer Upper appointments in my home consulting space. The cost is £20 for 45 minutes. Contact me to arrange a convenient time.

Back carrying Workshop

I run regular workshops in my home consulting space, with the aim of helping you to back carry your child in a soft structured (buckled) carrier. You may already have a carrier that allows for independent back carrying, or I can provide one for you to use. The groups are kept small (max 4 families) to ensure you get the most of our time together and for safety. You may even wish to get your own group together! (subject to a minimum of 3 families)

The cost of a workshop is £20 per family (up to two adults carrying the same child) and includes refreshments. For more details and upcoming dates click here

Don’t know where to start?

Why not contact me for made to measure solutions, such as skype consultations?

I know what I’m looking for!

Head straight to the Carrying Connects shop for a large selection of options suitable for older babies and toddlers. Any of these options would be an amazing gift to give or receive!