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Are slings and carriers for babies a waste of money?

Has someone said this to you when you have mentioned getting a sling or carrier for your child? Have you wandered past them in a department store baby section and promptly passed on by, with a sharp intake of breath? Yes some slings and carriers can be expensive, but I am going to explain to…
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Carrying is Connection – healing from antenatal depression

Until 19 weeks pregnancy (my first) went pretty well. No morning sickness, not a single day off work despite fertility treatment, no complications unless you count some pretty bad indigestion. We had been on holiday, made plans to see friends, and life carried on pretty much as normal. The media told me that I should…
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How can I chose a sling or carrier for my newborn baby?

A sling or baby carrier is now on the shopping list for many expectant parents. They have read about all the benefits of carrying, the practicalities of having your hands free, and perhaps even about how they can reduce crying up to 43 %. And yet choosing the right sling or carrier can be a…
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Why should I consider booking a babywearing Consultation?

You may have come across this website while researchingĀ slings, or perhaps someone has suggested that you have a consultation with a Babywearing Consultant. So why might you considerĀ a babywearing consultation? You would like someone to visit you in your own home. As a parent myself I realise that getting of the house at times is…
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