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Baby carried in a red and blue Mamaruga Zensling slingy carrier

Why should I consider getting a sling or carrier for my child?

Parenthood is very demanding, how often have you wished you could have an extra set of hands, drink a warm cuppa, or avoid lugging a heavy buggy in and out of the car?  A sling or carrier is a practical solution to practical issues.

But it is more than that. It is about bonding and connecting with your child. It is about you getting to know each other. It can be about comforting your baby through reflux, teething or just a bad day, or reconnecting when you have been apart.

And slings are not just for newborn babies, many people find that being able to carry a toddler who tires easily a godsend. Carrying Connects have access to carrier up to Pre-school size via our connection with Wirral Sling Library.

What types of sling and carrier are available?

Stretchy Wrap 

Aquamarine Calin Bleu Stretchy Wrap

Made of soft fabric, once you tie it on you can pop baby in and out over the course of the day. One size fits all, perfect for Newborns.

Ring Sling

Little Frog Rainbow Aura Ring Sling

Ring Sling – a single layer of fabric, adjusts with rings. Can be used from newborn up to toddlers, so great value.

Soft structured carrier

Mum in yellow wearing the Boba-x Seville Baby Sling Carrier

Soft structured carriers are also known as buckles. Only some will adjust small enough for newborns. Can be used for back carrying when baby is older. Some will offer the option of baby facing forward or a hip carry.

Woven Wrap

Little Frog Dark Rainbow Aura woven wrap for baby

A single piece of woven fabric which can be tied in an infinite number of ways for front, hip and back carries in time. A learning curve, but beautiful and versatile.

Meh Dai

Carriers made from woven fabric which tie on. Soft and adjustable for baby’s size, no adjusting is required if used by different adults.

Why should I consider getting advice before buying a sling or carrier?

Slings and carriers have been described as being like a pair of jeans… you need to try them on to see if they suit and are comfortable. The selection of carriers available on the high street is very limited and you could be missing out on a huge range of choices which may suit you better. By booking a consultation or workshop with Carrying Connects we can give you the information to decide on the best option for you and your family. We can also help you to save money by making the right choice first time!

If you already have a sling or carrier and want to get the best out of it I am also happy to help you to make the most of it.

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